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Anchor™ BMS Solutions

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Anchor™ DCMS - Lite

With ANCHOR™ DCMS Lite, you can easily sync reservation status and customer plans between our platform and your divers' portal. This means that customers can see up-to-date information about their bookings and plans, without having to contact you directly. With the ability to automatically update reservation status and customer plans in real-time, you can avoid double bookings and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

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Anchor™ DCMS - Ultimate

Anchor™ DCMS is the ultimate operations & management software solution for dive centers & water sports operators. Management software that can help you streamline your workflows, automate your tasks, improve your customer service, and increase your profitability. With all tools to automate your trip planning, customer management, cost control, and more.

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For Marina Operators

Anchor™ MMS is your toolbox for marina management and trip planning. It helps marina operators manage their daily tasks and optimize their business performance. It can help with various aspects of marina management such as arrival requests, trip planning, berthing management, onboarding lists, automatic fees algorithms, maritime relationship, financial control, and more.

Anchor™ BMS Features & Modules

Anchor bms diving center operation management module
Anchor bms diving center crm management module
Anchor bms diving center trips and boats management module
Anchor bms diving center software inventory module.
Anchor bms diving center procurement management module.
Anchor bms diving center hr management module.
Anchor bms diving center finance management module
Anchor bms diving center analytics management module.
Anchor bms diving center security management module.
Anchor bms diving center documents management module.
Anchor™ MMS latest implementation with Taba Red Sea & ORASCOM

We are thrilled to announce the latest successful implementation of Anchor™ MMS for our valued client. This project showcases our expertise in delivering high-quality results that meet the client's needs and expectations.

Anchor mms Taba tourism marina implementation

Trusted by

Anchor bms customer, scuba seekers.

Scuba seekers diving center chose Anchor ultimate, the only software that automates all recreational and technical diving operations and accounting activities. This helps them to focus on providing the highest levels of comfort and satisfaction for their divers, who enjoy exploring the amazing underwater world. Scuba seekers is an appreciated partner who trusts Anchor ultimate as their partner in diving excellence.

Scuba Seekers
Anchor bms customer, easy divers egypt.

Easy Divers diving center chose Anchor lite, the only software that manages all recreational diving operations and accounting activities. This helps them to focus on providing the highest levels of comfort and satisfaction for their divers, who enjoy exploring the amazing underwater world. Easy Divers is an appreciated partner who trusts Anchor lite as their partner in diving excellence.

Eazy Divers
Anchor mms customer, taba tourism marina.

Taba Heights, the strategic marina of Taba Heights, uses Anchor MMS for marina operation and financial control. Anchor MMS streamlines and simplifies the complex operation logic of marina operations, berthing, and financial control for maritime and private high-speed craft trips. With Anchor MMS, Taba Heights and Red Sea Company can offer their customers a smooth and enjoyable experience at their stunning marina in Taba Heights.

Taba Heights

Anchornize Platform

The ultimate long-waited water sports community

Anchor™ DCMS is your golden gate to Anchornize Platform;providing all tools to connect to divers around the world. Reach more customers, showcase your trips and plans, receive bookings and Check-In requests, and follow up with your divers through a single platform.

  • Connect to divers around the world.
  • Share your dive center trips and plans.
  • Showcase your dive center profile and packages.
  • Receive bookings, check-in requests, and gear rentals.
  • Reduce operations efforts.
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Anchor bms app, dive instructor management application.
Manage your dive center easily & effectively.

Anchor™ DCMS streamlines all operational needs with a full set of management tools and applications for maximum control and effortless management.

Daily Situation automation
Dive guides mobile applications
Dive equipment rental automation
Electronic dive rosters
Your daily operations with least effort using next generation automation tools.

Anchor™ DCMS is your hub for managing your operations and daily trips in a modern & easy way.

Electronic Customer Cards

Enjoy Anchor™ DCMS modern Digital Counter Desk, receive reservations & transform them into check-ins with a single click. Plan customer's milestones and desired activities. Follow-up divers' activities using Anchor™ DCMS electronic roster. Get dive acknowledgments through the Dive Guides mobile application.

Anchor™ SQUAD Integration
No-Flight Calculations
Automatic invoicing
Diver electronic operation management cards.
Dive centers daily management calendar.
Operations Calendar

Imagine never having to worry about arranging your operations calendar again. With our new AI features, your calendar will be generated automatically from checked-in milestones and booked activities. Let your customers plan their milestones and let us do the rest. You'll always be on top of your schedule and ready for your next day.

Automatic Generation
Clutter-Free View
Trips and customers
Trips Management

Are you looking for a way to streamline your trip operations and increase efficiency with least effort?

Anchor™ DCMS is designed to help you plan, execute, and monitor your trips with ease. It handles all trip types like boat, land, and housereef trips. You can create and manage itineraries, track divers, workforce, equipment loading, generate reports, and more.

Boat / Land / Housereef
Automatic Creation
Full situation export
CDWS GuestList
Diving management trips, safari, liveaboards and boats
Control all your business aspects, increase your ROI

Anchor™ DCMS incorporates many tools and modules for fine-tuned business control.

Diving centers’ customer relationship management software.


Building, developing, and maintaining a strong bond with your customers is vital for us.

Anchor™ DCMS will help you keep track of your customers' preferences, needs, feedback, and loyalty. ANCHOR™ DCMS CRM sends personalized messages, offers, and reminders for categorized customers.

Anchor™ DCMS CRM will CRM boost your customer satisfaction, retention, and referrals. It will also help you grow your business and increase your revenue.


Anchor™ DCMS finance module & accounting tools make it super easy to do all your accounting work, from automatic customer invoicing at check-out to detailed daily, monthly, & annual expenses.

Anchor™ DCMS finance module is your accounting department, packed with all features you need to control your expenses & revenue without the need for any accounting background.

Diving centers’ finance and accounting management software.
Diving centers’ gear management software


Anchor™ DCMS Procurement Module provides a complete hub to run & control purchasing processes & manage your relations with vendors & suppliers.

Anchor™ DCMS Equipment Management is the tool to manage & track your assets and dive equipment effortlessly & efficiently. Manage equipment rentals, plan equipment loading/unloading, track your rented equipment on-demand, manage your stores, generate reports, and more.



You have a business to run & you need more data to save. Stop worrying about inserting data into the computer. Anchor's team will handle all predefined information for you.

Dive sites
Dive Organization

Stop wasting your time on paperwork. We are in the Digital Transformation era. Catch up & increase your digital Transformation maturity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Anchor™ DCMS suitable for business other than diving?

Anchor™ DCMS is designed to manage all water sports businesses such as Diving Centers, Diving Resorts, Freediving facilities, boat fleet operators, paraglide operators, etc.

Do I get free updates?

Yes, all Anchor™ subscribers get planned updates and version upgrades. Version upgrades are subjected to the subscribed version of Anchor™.

Can I upgrade Anchor™ Lite to Anchor™ Ultimate?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription from Anchor™ Lite to Anchor™ Ultimate, and all of your data will be saved and upgraded.

What if I don't have a permanent Internet connection?

Anchor™ is a cloud-based SaaS, so it is not supported offline. However, you can ask for Anchor™ Enterprise Edition which was designed to operate offline.

Visit the Full FAQ page for more information.